~ Dentures

Servicing all primary denture procedures

Dentures replace missing teeth and their adjacent tissues with a removable dental appliance made of acrylic resin and, in some cases, a combination of metals.There are four primary types of dentures:

Complete – This type of denture replaces all of the teeth and their adjacent tissues.

Partial – Partial dentures act as dental bridges as they “bridge” the gap between a missing tooth or teeth.

Conventional – Conventional dentures allow a recovery time (usually 4 to 8 weeks) after all of the teeth are extracted before the dentures are placed in the mouth.

Immediate – This type of denture does not allow a healing period after all of the teeth are removed. The denture is immediately fit into the mouth after all teeth are removed. Additional adjustments in the fitting of this type of denture procedure may be necessary as healing occurs.


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